Castles associated with Moutray – Augher Castle

Margaret Moutray of Favour Royal , Co Tyrone – Married Sir J. M. Richardson Bunbury, Bart.

(A), Sir James Richardson, later Richardson-Bunbury, 2nd Bart (b 1781, d 04.11.1851) had issue. m. (23.06.1810) Margaret Moutray (d 1870, dau of John Corry Moutray)

Augher Castle, County Tyrone

The castle dismantled by order of parliament, and continued in a state of dilapidation and neglect till 1832, when it was restored and a large and handsome mansion built adjoining it by Sir J. M. Richardson Bunbury, Bart.

The ancient building consisted of a pentagonal tower surrounded by a wall 12 feet heigh and flanked by four circular towers; the wall has been removed, but one of the round towers has been restored; and the entrance gateway has also been removed and rebuilt on an elevated situation commanding some fine views, in which the remains of the old castle form an interesting object: the mansion is situated in a well-wooded demesne of 220 acres, and upon the margin of a beautiful lake.


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